Crowdsourcing or the art of innovating cooperating

On April 7 took place within the framework of the Polytechnic City of Innovation-UPV the first edition of the INNOVALENCIA Congress “Emprender and Innovar en Red” ( ) organized by the Valencian Association of Innovative Companies , (AVANT i + e), with more than 300 attendees and interesting presentations by great experts such as Gaby Castellanos , Javier Echeverría , Salvador Gómez and Juan Gasca , and a round table moderated by Carlos Seaton .

The presentation that I carried out, “Crowdsourcing or the art of innovating cooperating”, is based on the results achieved to date in the ProjectMETAL 2.0 CROWDSOURCING , of which I will only highlight the last sentence that closes the presentation, regarding the incorporation of new ICT in organizations: “The future depends on you, this is not a problem for others, it is a problem for everyone”, which summarizes the thread of the paper based on the fact that for 15 years companies do not innovate in ICT spontaneously, it takes an AGENT OF CHANGE that is dedicated to experimenting and introducing new ICTs on an ongoing basis (ebusiness, emarketing, social networks and crowdsourcing) in the processes of the company, in order to obtain new benefits (remove inefficiencies, meet new customers via the Internet, carve out a reputation to deserve to be followed and why not collaborate and ask for help through the network). All this will happen IF AND ONLY IF the CEO or manager BELIEVE in the new ICTs as a source of competitiveness to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The presentation is accessible on Youtube (video) and Slideshare (presentation) at:

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